Chris Jones & Kelsey Pugliese.
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"This is awesome. We are so happy to have such a passionate and creative trainer. Keeps the workout fun and interesting. We can already see the results Dave, loving it!"

Hollywood Actor
Chris Jones & Kelsey Pugliese

"You are AMAZING!. I'm so excited to be part of your team Dave Gilmore'team get it done' all day!"

Blue Shield Executive
Annette Steels Greene
(Lost 25 lbs & 2 dress sizes in 10 weeks.)

Annette Greene.
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Cora Wittekind.
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"Training with Coach Dave is always a killer workout!"

Celebrity Dog trainer
Cora Wittekind

"Thanks Coach Dave! I feel stronger than ever. Ready to take on the bad guys on the big screen!"

Hollywood Stunt woman
Ashley Love

Ashley Love.
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Victor Gelsomino.
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"Thanks for training me in life and at the gym. You have been one of my greatest mentors!"

Personal Trainer
Victor Gelsomino

Dave, without you I would be sitting home with knee pain. I always knew how to play but you taught me how to win! Thank you so much for pushing me to the limit. I'm walking 8 to 10 hours a day and hiking mountains (On vacation in Isreal) at 122 degrees."

Aeronautical Executive,
Victoria Maltsev
(Lost 22 lbs in 12 weeks.)

Victoria Maltsev.
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